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Flutter 3.0 Release: Everything You Need to Know

Ritesh Jain
Ritesh Jain
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Flutter 3.0 Release: Everything You Need to Know

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that enables developers to create high-quality applications for Android and iOS. The latest release of Flutter 3.0, is now available, and in this article, we’ll take a look at everything that’s new.

One of the biggest changes in Flutter 3.0 is the addition of support for web applications. This means that developers can now create applications that can be accessed via a web browser.

Another significant change is the support for macOS and Linux. This means that developers can now create applications for these platforms as well.

In addition to these changes, there are also a number of other improvements and bug fixes in Flutter 3.0. For a full list of changes, you can check out the release notes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Flutter, be sure to check out our comprehensive tour. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Flutter, from the basics to more advanced topics.

Flutter 3.0 Release: Everything You Need to Know

As we move into 2022, Flutter is coming out with its latest version- Flutter 3.0. This new version focuses on quality improvements, new features, and performance enhancements.

Some of the key features in Flutter 3.0 are:

  • Addition of the CanvasKit renderer, which enables accelerated 2D graphics on the web
  • Improved support for Metal on iOS
  • New platform views for web and desktop
  • Expanded support for internationalisation
  • Performance improvements

CanvasKit is a new 2D graphics renderer that uses Skia under the hood. This enables accelerated graphics on the web, with plans to support other platforms in the future. This will be the default renderer on the web in Flutter 3.0.

Metal is a low-level graphics API on iOS. In Flutter 3.0, we’ve added support for Metal so that Flutter apps can take advantage of Metal’s high performance.

We’ve also added new platform views for web and desktop. Platform views allow you to embed native components in your Flutter app. This enables you to add features that are not possible with the Flutter framework, or to improve the performance of existing features.

Finally, we’ve made a number of performance improvements in Flutter 3.0. For example, we’ve reduced the time it takes to compile a Flutter app by 30%.

What’s New in Flutter 3.0?

Flutter 3.0 is a major update that introduces a number of new features and improvements. Perhaps the most notable new feature is support for web apps. This means that you can now create apps that run in a web browser, as well as on mobile devices. Other new features include support for Apple’s new M1 chips, improved performance, and a redesigned Material Design widget library.

Flutter 3.0 also includes a number of smaller features and improvements, such as:

  • A new widget inspector that makes it easier to debug your app’s UI
  • A new network tracker that lets you see what kind of network traffic your app is generating
  • Support for inline video in web apps
  • A new animation controller that makes it easier to control animations
  • Improved support for internationalization and localization
  • And much more!

What are the benefits of Flutter 3.0?

Flutter 3.0 has a number of benefits, including:

  • A new toolkit for building user interfaces, called Hummingbird, is faster and more efficient than the previous toolkit, called Falcon.
  • A new rendering pipeline, called Skia, is faster and more efficient than the previous rendering pipeline, called OpenGL.
  • A new set of widgets, called Material Design 2, which are more modern and responsive than the previous widgets.
  • A new set of platform-specific plugins, called FlutterFire, allow you to access native Firebase functionality on iOS and Android.
  • A new command-line tool, called Flutter Doctor, helps you troubleshoot your Flutter development environment.
  • A new website called Flutter. dev, which is a central resource for all things Flutter.

How to get started with Flutter 3.0?

If you’re new to Flutter, you can get started by following the installation guide. Once you have Flutter installed, you can use one of the many IDE plugins to develop Flutter apps.

If you’re already familiar with Flutter, you can upgrade to Flutter 3.0 by following the upgrading guide.

Flutter 3.0 is the first stable release of our new Flutter framework. It includes a brand new Dart 2.12 toolchain, support for null safety, and more. Check out the release notes for a full list of changes.

How to migrate to Flutter 3.0?

If you’re planning to migrate to Flutter 3.0, there are some things you should know. First and foremost, make sure you have a backup of your code and any relevant data. Once you have that, you can start by upgrading your Flutter SDK and dependencies. After that, you’ll need to update your code to use the new features and APIs in Flutter 3.0. Finally, run the flutter doctor command to check for any remaining issues.

If you’re planning to migrate to Flutter 3.0, there are some things you should know. First and foremost, make sure you have a backup of your code and any relevant data. Once you have that, you can start by upgrading your Flutter SDK and dependencies. After that, you’ll need to update your code to use the new features and APIs in Flutter 3.0. Finally, run the flutter doctor command to check for any remaining issues.

Here are some specific changes you can expect to see in Flutter 3.0:

  • A new widgets library, featuring an updated Material Design widgets package
  • A more performant rendering pipeline
  • Improved support for web apps
  • A new Add-to-App feature that makes it easier to embed Flutter code into existing apps
  • A new plugin package for project management

Steps to develop a flutter app

While dealing with the flutter app development process, it can be seen that due to the involvement of different components and features, the overall process is lengthy. Flutter app developers give importance to each aspect present in each step, where the emphasis is given to using unique and distinct features to provide quality services. The functioning of different flutter app development companies is analyzed and compared to provide specific services having supreme quality and high performance. 

Flutter applications are known for their increased programming speed resulting in better productivity per customers’ needs and requirements. The latest trends and developments are incorporated to create efficient apps, which goes with the developing technology. It can be seen that flutter is leading the race in cross-platform app development as it has a robust structure with various tools and features. The steps involved in the development of the flutter app are the following: 

  • Installation

The flutter app can be installed by creating a starter flutter app where a basic idea about the application needs to be framed. As the flutter app involves various components and complex tools, it is essential to carry out the overall process orderly. 

  • Install appropriate plugins

Apt plugins need to be installed based on the preferences where the flutter plugin’s repositories must be browsed and installed. Different plugins having varied functions needs to be incorporated as per the need of customers where specific results can be obtained. 

  • Building the application

The application must be developed considering the business functions and needs where advanced features must be incorporated. While building a particular application, different parts have to be added in each stage to ensure the desired result. 

  • App coding

App coding needs to be done to ensure that apt extensions and features are incorporated as per the needs and requirements of customers. Coding is done through advanced tools and techniques where specific coding methods are used depending on the business functions. 

  • Add functionality through coding.

Various functions are fulfilled through flutter applications which can be done only if the proper framework and structure are used. In addition to coding, functionality has to be maintained throughout the process with the assistance of expert flutter app developers

  • Insert an external package

Using an external package will help in improved functioning and performance along with some utility functions. 

  • Incorporation of widgets

Widgets also need to be incorporated as per the functions and needs of customers, where additional functioning can be carried out effectively. Flutter is one of the practical solutions used for the development of an app on any platform. 

Reasons to choose flutter app development services at Helpful Insight.

Flutter app development services made available to users through the developers at Helpful Insight have gained a lot of importance in recent times resulting in enhanced demand and reputation. Helpful Insight is one of the top app development service providers with skilled developers with great expertise and experience in different aspects. The services and solutions provided at Helpful Insight to users faster and more effectively encourage more users to continue using services. Additional reasons to choose the services concerning flutter app development at Helpful Insight are the following: 

  • Skilled and expert app developers

Flutter app developers have enhanced skills and expertise to help in providing quality services and solutions to customers. The developers analyze business needs before starting the process, where unique results suit any business. 

  • Incorporation of advanced features and latest developments

In this developing technology era, it is essential to evolve along with the changing developments in society to provide quality services that benefit development. The developers incorporate advanced features and the latest products in the services through constant analysis to update accordingly. 

  • High-performance functioning

The flutter app is known for its high performance, which is ensured through the services at Helpful Insight, where distinct features are made available. Such tools and techniques are used to ensure the high performance of applications that are apt for the particular business. 

  • Quality services and solutions

As the quality of services and solutions are given utmost priority at Helpful Insight, it can be seen that any service provided has a certain standard or quality. Quality is prioritized over quantity, where even complicated processes are carried out smoothly with supreme quality. 

  • Prioritize the needs and interests of customers

Customers’ needs are considered throughout the development process, where services that are beneficial for the business are made available to users. Customers’ interest is studied by analyzing business functions focusing on providing apt services effectively. 

  • Customized and personalized services

Customers continue to utilize services at Helpful Insight as customized services are provided to users considering every need of customers. As personalized services are given importance, it can be seen that different services are provided which is suitable for the particular business only. 

  • Services at affordable prices

Another attractive feature encouraging users to utilize services at Helpful Insight is the availability of services at affordable prices. Due to the affordability of services, customers are inclined towards using Helpful Insight services whenever required. 

  • Enhanced communication and interaction with customers

Developers ensure to take any suggestions of users to understand what they need from a particular application. Continuous communication and interaction with customers help gain a clear understanding of the business functions and carry out functions accordingly. 

What’s next for Flutter?

After the release of Flutter 3.0, the next step for the Flutter team is to continue working on making the platform more stable and feature-rich. In the short term, this means focusing on bugs and performance issues. In the long term, the team plans to continue adding new features and expanding the capabilities of Flutter.

Some of the planned features for future releases include:

  • Improved support for running Flutter apps on web browsers
  • Metal support on iOS devices
  • Increased support for the Google Fuchsia operating system
  • Expanded support for the Dart programming language
  • continued work on making the platform more stable and feature-rich.


Flutter app is a commonly used application due to its unique and distinct features and functioning focused on fulfilling business needs. The services provided concerning flutter app development using advanced tools and professional developers come with amazing and effective results. The prompt responses of developers and their interest in fulfilling customer needs have helped maintain the quality and standard of services. Such a standard is followed throughout the app development process resulting in better outcomes. Using the apt flutter app will help enhance the development of business functions as it has an integral role in the overall development of various parts. 

In addition to the enhanced functioning of the flutter app, it can be seen that more people prefer their services as it is customized and apt for any business needs. The changes in the applications and technological aspects are carefully considered while dealing with the development process for better results. Structured frameworks and functioning put forward by developers and companies effectively gain target customers’ trust where quality services are ensured. The developing frameworks and tools need to be utilized appropriately for enhanced results for any app development. 

The Flutter 3.0 release is a major update with many new features and improvements. If you’re a Flutter developer, be sure to check out the release notes and update your app accordingly. If you’re new to Flutter, this is a great time to get started.

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