Best 7 Online Education Apps Like Coursera in 2024

By : Ritesh Jain
April 19, 2024
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Are you interested in building a next-generation online studying ecosystem: Apps Like Coursera? Hire professional web developers who can develop websites that will adapt to the challenges of education with ease. Thanks to our deep experience and wide use of the latest technologies and frameworks, our  developers will guarantee smooth user interactions and 24×7 growing numbers of active users.

By employing our professionals on projects who hold hands-on experience in web development and best practices, you benefit from their experience in this area meaning that your platform will be stable, protected, and maximally preserved. Via interactive programs, user-intuitive interfaces, and creating a virtually engaging learning environment that facilitates learning, they will translate your vision into reality.

It is necessary to hire top 1% developers be it for the development of a new e-learning web app or post launch support. Such development expertise has become very critical for success in the online learning business sector of today. Together work with them to make ideas a reality and empower teachers and students from across the world in a fast, scalable, and immersive way.

What is the cost of making a Custom eLearning App like Coursera?

In developing an app like Coursera, several factors differentiate costs. Development costs can vary from feature to feature, complexity, platform, and design requirements. The basic functions such as user authentication, course search, and video playback are the core of the application. Sophisticated functions including gamification, live streaming, and AI-based recommendations are some of the reasons for the growing complexity and costs.

On top of that, backend development, which covers course administration, user data, and analytics, can be costly too. Design costs include UI/UX and branding. Implementing payment gateways and security compliance factors to costs as well.

On the other hand, a basic e-learning app might cost around $40,000 to $80,000, whereas the more comprehensive platforms similar to Coursera could range from $100,000 to $300,000 or even more, contingent upon the amount of customization and the additional features. Acting upon the experience of seasoned developers would help to get a more exact estimate tuned to your project specifics.

Top Websites like Coursera for Online Education

Looking for Coursera alternatives for your online education requirements? Explore these seven top websites offering diverse learning opportunities:


e-learning platform like EDX

EdX is one of the foremost MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) providers which was initiated in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It allows access to thousands of courses online, including those on computer science, business, and the humanities, which are the intellectual outputs from the best universities and institutions worldwide. EdX is a nonprofit organization that strives to put education within reach to everyone willing to learn with unique, engaging, and interactive course content, assessments, and discussion being major components of education delivery. Learners can register for individual courses or else do the MicroMasters Programs or certifications to develop themselves better and reach their career objectives.

Udemy – Online Learning Platform:

 online learning platform Udemy

Udemy, one of the best-known online learning platforms established in 2010, provides learners with an endless opportunity to explore courses taught by leading experts from various fields. Because there are more than 155,000 reflected by topics such as programming, business, and personal development, Udemy ensures the educational needs of millions of people find affordable and accessible education globally. The courses are self-paced and they’re complete with video lectures, quizzes, and assignments promoting students’ flexibility in their learning. Udemy is the tool to learn new skills, follow your dreams, and achieve greater success at home, work, and the university with access to the internet.

Khan Academy:

Online learning platform Khan

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization established in 2008, which provides thousands of free learning services that take various educational forms. Pursuing the purpose of opening a free education system for everyone, everywhere the Khan Academy acts in the field and offers classes on various topics such as mathematics, science, economics, and arts and humanities. It helps both adults and kids with its instructional videos, practice exercises, and personalised learning dashboard equally accessible. Using the AI model liberates Khan Academy’s users to study at their own pace since the education is presented in a user-friendly and supportive manner worldwide.

LinkedIn Learning:

Online learning platform Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as, is an online learning platform that provides a great variety of courses, some of which are guided by established professionals. Launched in 1995, this site offers short video tutorials and MOOCs on topics such as business, technology, and creative skills. Eventually, it was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. LinkedIn Learning embeds personalized recommendations, certificates of completion, and integration with LinkedIn profiles, which gives professionals the tools to demonstrate their skills and achieve career advancement. Subscribers are offered unlimited access to the use of first-rate educational materials which help them to expand their professional development and stand out in the friendly employment market.


Online learning platform Udacity

Udacity is a digital learning platform, which started operating in 2011 and focused on technical subjects. It provides courses, short degree programs, or executive programs in cooperation with industry leaders and is focused on practical, diligent training that leads to quality jobs. As a skill-centered and project-based education approach, Udacity mainly deals with subjects such as the man-machine interface, data science, programming, and self-driving vehicles. Folks learn through tailored guidance and mentorships among tech products and get the opportunity to boost their careers in tech fields which are highly demanded.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that was released in 2010 and has a community of thousands of creative and practical courses taught by professionals in the relevant fields. From topics like design, photography, marketing, and entrepreneurship, Skillshare offers a subscription-based platform where users can pay a static amount per month to have unlimited access to this vast library of classes. The focus is on hands-on project-based learning and teamwork. With Skillshare, people can discover their creativity, master new abilities, and follow their dreams in a comfortable online setting that provides relevant feedback.


Online learning platform Future

The FutureLearn online learning platform was established in 2012, and allows users to take an array of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions across the globe. futurelearn, which has social learning and a collaborative approach as its focus, offers different types of interactive content, discussion forums as well as peer-to-peer support to make the learning more interesting. Among the many different topics offered, they range from healthcare, business, humanities, and so on. FutureLearn offers both free and paid options giving the students no spatial and financial limits to learn and the possibility to choose the best studying mode for themselves. Therefore, learning becomes understandable and interesting for everyone.

In the realm of online education app development, we blend innovation with pedagogy, forging digital pathways to knowledge. Each line of code becomes a stepping stone, guiding learners toward enlightenment.

How To Build An eLearning Platform Like Coursera?

To embark on creating an app similar to Coursera, it’s crucial to follow these essential steps. Focus on developing a user-friendly interface and robust backend infrastructure capable of handling diverse courses and user interactions. By following these steps meticulously, you can lay a solid foundation for success in the e-learning industry.:

  1. Market Research: Examine the online educational environment, define the audiences, and find out its competitors to find out the users’ wants and needs as well as the demand in the market.
  2. Define Features: Establish the key features the app will provide to the learners including course searching, joining, live video streaming, discussion forums, progress tracking, issuing certificates, and so on.
  3. Choose Technology Stack: Using the updated technologies and frameworks taking into consideration scalability, performance-based, and platform compatibility considerations for frontend (example applications: React Native or Flutter) and backend development (e.g., Node.js or Django) aspects accordingly.
  4. Design UI/UX: The interface should be logical and easy to navigate, and the interface should also look good. The interface should be easy to use. Prioritize accessibility of big screens, lovely navigation, and integration for various devices.
  5. Develop MVP: The MVP, which is the bare minimum product with the key features, is to be developed, to be able to check the concept, get the user feedback, and validate the market demand.
  6. Iterate and Improve: Keep on looping user feedback, introduce new features and updates, optimize performance, and improve security, so that these can be ready for wide use and achieve expected results.
  7. Launch and Market: The application on app marketplaces, the implementation of marketing strategies that will attract users, and intensive working with communities to promote growing and spreading its use.

How do you make money from apps like Coursera?

Apps like Coursera employ various monetization strategies to generate revenue:

  1. Course Fees: Sale the users for visiting the special lessons, learning, certification, or certain files, s/he interested in. By only paying a specific amount for individual courses, this course-based payment system provides great convenience and savings for students.
  2. Subscription Plans: Giving choices where users subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis and they get the privilege of accessing all the available course plans. Subscriptions usually foster the extras like reading offline, certificates, and additional content.
  3. Corporate Partnerships: Building partnerships with businesses for corporate training, content licensing agreements, or enterprise systems created as per the organisation’s learning needs.
  4. Advertising: Being able to feature ads on the platform either on the banner (display ads), native ads, or on the targeted content, to make revenue from the advertisers.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Collaborating with companies or resources and gaining a reward for sending customers who make purchases and subscribe for classes via the means of affiliate links.

What is a MOOC and how does it work?

The term MOOC refers to Massive Open Online Classes, a kind of e-learning that enables participation by as many applicants as desired and offers free admission via the World Wide Web. MOOCs are the learners’ gateway that supplies courses in diverse subject areas that are ideally provided by universities, colleges, or other educational institutions. They employ media multi-content elements which include video lessons, interactive quizzes, discussion forums, and assignments to create an interactive learning process.

MOOCs perform the task of teaching by using digital technology to create digital versions of course materials and make them accessible to a large number of learners at one time. Learners can log into their private accounts watch lectures and go through resources whenever it is convenient for them. They will be able to engage with the content through online discussions and interact with instructors and peers. MOOC originators implemented data analytics to investigate performance, provide feedback individually, and increase the effectiveness of these courses. In a nutshell, open online courses foster democracy in education that brings opportunities for affordable and flexible learning for anyone admitted to the global learning community.

How Helpful Insight can help you to develop Coursera Alternatives?

Helpful Insight, as a web app development company, can significantly help in the creation of Coursera alternatives. With their expertise, they streamline the development process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Market Analysis: Helpful Insight resorts to extensive market research to discover the market loopholes and ​​opportunities in the online education industry. Develop a value proposition that can compete well with Coursera based on this analysis.
  2. Customised Solutions: We provide customized services that are aligned with the unique brand’s requirements. From creating distinct features to enhancing the user experience to attending to niche markets, Helpful Insight’s engineers guarantee the presence of the app matches the client’s goals.
  3. Scalability: The two main considerations for scalability of the platforms by business owners are the large user base and the growing demands. The platform structure makes adjustments on the fly as the company goes, allowing for more and more traffic as well as engagement.
  4. Technology Expertise: Being at the top of technology development and using the latest frameworks Helpful Insight creates a secured and scalable app infrastructure. Whether frontend development using modern tools like React or backend development with Node.js, they are always staying on top of the latest tools to build high-quality solutions.
  5. Continuous Support: Even after launching, we remain committed to offering ongoing support and maintenance for feature efficiency. They make necessary fixes immediately and add bugs’ ironing and security features.

By partnering with Helpful Insight, businesses can confidently navigate the development process, resulting in a competitive Coursera alternative that meets market demands and exceeds user expectations.

In the digital forge of online education app development, we sculpt pixels into portals of possibility, where every line of code is a catalyst for transformation and empowerment.


Ultimately, the best Coursera apps alternative, depends on your specific learning goals, preferences, and budget. By exploring the features and offerings of each platform, you can find the right fit to embark on your educational journey with confidence and convenience. Whether you’re a student, professional, or lifelong learner, these alternatives empower you to acquire new skills, advance your career, and pursue your passions in a dynamic digital landscape.

FAQ’s on Custom eLearning App

Question1: Which is better EdX or Coursera?

It may be difficult to say either edX or Coursera is better, each of them addresses different priorities and goals. EdX, the online learning platform that was launched by Harvard and MIT, has courses from well-respected universities along with its prominently distinguished academic standards. It is designed for candidates who want to take professional courses and study at the top level. Coursera for instance provides several topics. That includes professional certificates and specializations. Moreover, if you have difficulties with the user interface, there is always an option to choose a flexible learning form. It also is suitable for those who look for practical skills and towering heights at work. Finally, both tools are similar in that they deliver an enormous range of knowledge benefiting the selection procedure by taking into account curriculum content, teaching methods, and personal tastes.

Question2: Is Coursera or Udemy the best?

Whether Coursera or Udemy is better is determined by specific needs and personal inclinations. Coursera, attached to top official institutions, has a deep focus and provides courses that are appropriate for both formal education and skills development. It is especially good for students who like structured programs, accreditation, and academic challenge. Nevertheless, Udemy stands out by providing a collection of courses led by field professionals, which are beneficial for practical skills and flexibility. It is successfully designed for those who plan to study themselves at their own pace and on the topics that attract them most. Finally, the choice between Coursera or Udemy depends on the factors related to course content, accreditation, teaching style, and one’s personal preference for learning mode.

Question3: Is there a free version of Coursera?

Coursera presents a variety of courses that can be audited for free and provides learning materials like video lectures and quizzes to the same effect without payment. Nevertheless, the free edition is not equipped with functions such as assigning grades, issuing completion certificates, and accessing a whole course resource. In this regard, students choosing the free version could lack interactivity features, as well as the formal acceptance of their learning. Coursera also has financial aid for eligible learners, and for those who qualify, it is free of charge. You can access paid courses at no cost. On Coursera, a lot of subjects are available for free. Beyond this, access to all of the resources only comes with enrollment in paid classes or subscriptions.

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