Mobile App Development Cost: A Complete Guide

16 Jul-2024
By : Ritesh Jain
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“Based on a report from Statista, there were a total of 3.55 Million apps available on Google Play Store and 1.6 Million on App Store during the third quarter of 2022. This report also claimed that, Android was the biggest, and iOS was the second largest platform having this count of apps existence.” During 2023, the “Mobile App Market” was generating over $935 Billion.

The app market is huge across the globe, because current living standards demand for apps to complete their tasks in just a few clicks. We have apps for everything, which makes this market a profitable futuristic scope. To market the products and services, every entrepreneur is now looking to build an app.

If you have a similar mindset, it is wise to know mobile app development cost estimation. Before introducing your business to a new market, it is wise to know how to invest in that.

Let’s continue the reading to know the realistic estimated mobile app development cost, with its breakdowns.

An Average Cost of Mobile App Development

An average mobile app development cost closes the range of $15000 – $150000. However, it is also not the fixed one. This cose might exceed $300,000 or even more based on the needs of business, clientele goals, demand of the market, and other aspects too.

In case the mobile app developers are implementing custom designs, unique engaging features, advancing the functionality of application; that will exceed the cost. Factors such as; complexity, design, post-deployment services, technology, third-party APIs, and other hidden aspects also affect the cost of mobile app development.

To find the fixed cost for your project, the best way is to consult with a mobile app development company. Find the best app development company, and consult with them. The experts will conduct an analysis to figure out its app development cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of App Development

There are different types of mobile applications to build, and also belong to various industries. Therefore, the cost of app development depends upon numerous factors. Here we are discussing some of those:

Cost Based On The Complexities

The cost of mobile app development can go from $5000 to $5000000 and beyond in the complexity aspect. The simple application is available with some basic features, whereas the complex one has some extra uniqueness leading to extra cost.

  • Simple/Basic App Development: In the simple/basic app development, the developers create applications with basic features; such as search option, login-system, user registration & profile creation, dashboard, limited accessibility, etc. This app development might range from $10000-$50000. There is no advancement included in the basic application.
  • Medium Sized App Development: On the other hand, here comes the medium sized app development, which include a little customization and extra features; such as third party API integration, social media login and integration, audio-video accessibility, modifications from users, et cetera. The more extra features and functionality, the more cost it might take; suppose $20000-$200000. Costs vary upon the demand.
  • Complex App Development: Coming onto the complex application; which is complicated due to the purpose-oriented development process. Here the clientele demands for everything customized based on the business needs and goals; such as integration of advanced modern technologies, unique trending features, customized designs or animations, et cetera. The demand decides the cost here. No cost is predicted; because every step of development is taken here based on the specific need.

Cost Based On The Duration

We have explained those 3 types of app development; one is basic, and another is medium and complex eventually. Now every development takes a specific time of app development; which brings a difference in the mobile app development cost. For Instance:

  • Simple/Basic App Development: Due to the basic needs and features included without doing any extras; the average cost of basic app development completes within 2-3 months.
  • Medium Sized App Development: Medium sized app development has extra features and some custom ideas and features; which is why it takes around 3-6 months for development.
  • Complex App Development: Lastly with complex app development; the duration may reach to 10+ months or even more, which has advancements, cutting edge technologies, robust security features, custom designs, and complete tailored solutions.

The more time is invested by the mobile app development company, the most you have to pay. Duration matters a lot, and one has to pay for the extra work going on their dedicated projects.

Cost based on Features and Functionalities

Well based on the app development needs; the features are also differentiated. If you add some common features of applications, that will cost less. On the other side; if the features are advanced and some highly-secured ones; that will directly increase the cost of mobile app development services. Therefore, you have to open up about the features implementations based on the business needs and budget to know how much will be the final cost.

Here are the two tables given; one is of common features and another has some different and advanced features.

Common Features of App Development

Features Description Estimated Budget
User Registration / login Singh-Up and Sign-In using the basic details, contact number, or email. $1500-$5000
User Profile Basic User Information with Editable Setting $1000-$3000
In-App Messaging Real-Time Chat Between Users $2000-$6000
Push-Notification Sending Updates and Alerts to the users 1000-$3000
Search-Functionality Basic Search for Content in the App $1500-$4000
Payment Integration Accepting Payments through various Platform $3000-$7000
Basic Analytics Tracking users behavior and interactions with the app $2000-$5000
App Setting Option to Customize the app preferences $1000-$25000
Basic Security Features Implementing standard security features $1500-$4000
Social Media Integration Connecting the app with social media platform $2000-$5000

Advanced Features of App Development

Features Descriptions Estimated Range
Advanced User Profile Detailed profile with more customized information options $2500-$7000
Advanced Searches Users can search with filters, categories, and suggestions $3000-$8000
Custom Animation Unique animations and transitions $3000-$10000
AR/VR Integrating AR/VR for more realistic approach $10000-$25000
AI/ML Implementing AI/ML for more deep analysis and personalized user experience $8000-$20000
Advanced Security Feature Enhanced security feature; like two-way authentication or encrypted data $5000-$12000
Offline Mode App can function with No Internet $4000-$10000
Third Party Integration Integrating third party APIs; like other apps and services in your app $3000-$8000
Video Streaming Live streaming and video playback feature $7000-$15000
eCommerce Integration Complete eCommerce functionality $10000-$25000


The feature list does not compete with the ones mentioned in the table. There are numerous advanced and engaging features one can ask from the mobile app development company in India to implement. Through the Indian IT services; one can implement better features within competitive costing.

Cost based on Technologies Used

The technology stack chosen for mobile app development significantly impacts the overall cost. Different technologies come with varying levels of complexity, capabilities, and associated costs. Here are key factors to consider:

Native vs. Cross-Platform Development:

  • Native Development: Apps developed specifically for a single platform (iOS or Android) using languages like Swift or Kotlin tend to be more expensive. They offer superior performance and a seamless user experience but require separate development efforts for each platform.
  • Cross-Platform Development: Using frameworks like React Native or Flutter allows for a single codebase to run on both iOS and Android. This approach can reduce development time and cost but might not fully leverage each platform’s unique features.

Backend and Infrastructure:

  • Cloud Services: Utilizing cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud can add to the costs due to subscription fees and usage charges. However, they offer scalability and robust backend support.
  • Custom Backend: Developing a custom backend tailored to specific app requirements can be costly but provides greater control and flexibility.

Third-Party Integrations:

  • Integrating third-party services (payment gateways, social media, analytics) involves additional costs, often based on usage or subscription fees.

Emerging Technologies:

  • AI/ML: Incorporating AI or machine learning capabilities can enhance app functionality but at a higher cost due to the complexity and expertise required.
  • AR/VR: Implementing augmented or virtual reality features adds significant cost due to specialized development and hardware requirements.
  • Choosing the right technology stack is crucial for balancing functionality, performance, and cost in mobile app development.

Cost based on Integration of Latest Tech-Trends

There are numerous latest technologies hyped in the concurrent market. Those modern tech-enabled applications have more engaging functioning to offer. Here are some of these mentioned.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML)
  • Augmented Reality (AR) , Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR)
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • Quantum Computing

Every technology has its own cost in development. Talk to the experts, ask for a price quotation from the mobile app development company. They will give you an idea for the cost based on the specific needs.

Cost based on Location of App Development Company

The mobile app development cost also depends upon the location of the development company as well. Every corner across the globe has its own standard cost for app development. Listed are some of the countries. Take an idea from these:

  • Mobile App Development Cost in US:
  • Mobile App Development Cost in Australia:
  • Mobile App Development Cost in India:
  • Mobile App Development Cost in Canada:

Every region has a standard app development cost. You consult with the best mobile app development companies from different regions to find the right one, which can accomplish the objective within the most expected and competitive cost.

Cost for Different Deployment Platforms

When starting your mobile app development journey, selecting the right platform is crucial. Your choice should depend on your target audience. You can choose to develop an app for iOS, Android, web, or opt for a cross-platform solution. If you’re a startup with a limited budget, it’s wise to start with one platform and expand to others later. Here are the most popular app development platforms:

Native App Platforms (Android & iOS)

  • iOS apps are developed using Swift and Objective C; whereas Android apps are developed using Java and Kotlin.

Web App Platforms

  • Web Apps: These include Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and other web-based applications. They are more cost-efficient than native apps, typically costing between $15,000 to $50,000 to develop.


  • Cross-Platform Apps: Developed for both iOS and Android simultaneously, making it a cost-effective choice. They allow the use of a single codebase and require less development effort. Popular frameworks include Flutter and React Native.

Hybrid App Platforms:

  • These are a mix of native and web apps. They are installed like native apps but run within a webview component.

Choosing the right platform helps in managing costs and ensures your app reaches the right audience efficiently.

Cost Based on Design

There is a difference between custom UI and standard UI. Here, the custom UI is more expensive where you need to work on designs tailored on the business needs. The custom ones require more effort, and are difficult to create and implement.

Designs are a significant factor, which enable estimating the mobile app development cost. If the developer is using some basic designs and readymade themes, that will not cost you more. Clients can develop an app in just $10000 – $25000 if using some basic simplistic designs.

On the other hand; if the application has some custom designs, custom themes, animations, extra efforts on the designing section; that demands extra cost.

Cost based on App Categories

There are different types of apps built for various industries. For example; the healthcare industry has different apps like doctor appointment, EHR, medicine delivery applications, etc. Every industry has its own certain development cost. Here are some of the app categories listed:

  • eCommerce: $10000 – $150000
  • Social Media: $15000 – $300000
  • Education: $15000 – $250000
  • Healthcare: $20000 – $500000
  • Finance: $20000 – $500000
  • Gaming: $50000 – $250000

Every industry has its own feature list, different complexities, functionalities, third-party API needs, et cetera. With the different needs of various industries, the mobile app development cost will also be different. Therefore, it is wise to have a discussion with the best mobile app development companies to explore their own project thoroughly and roughly gain anticipation for the cost incurred.

Cost Ideas from Top Applications in Various Industries

Below are some top-notch mobile application’s examples, which are ruling over the market. Here is an average cost list given to explain how much can it be cost to build apps from different industry:


Uber is a ride-sharing or ride hailing application, which is also considered as an on-demand application. Customers can request immediately and get the cab right at their doorstep in a few minutes to travel. The average cost to build such an app ranges between $10000 -$100000.


Snapchat has more than 300 million users across the globe, which proved itself as the most interactive social media application. It is not just a messaging app, but people are sharing their real-time activities via snaps throughout other app users. The cost to build an app like Snapchat lies between $15000 – $250000. The cost also depends upon the features we implement.


Whatsapp is an instant messaging application, which also has audio and video calling features to other users globally. The average cost to build Snapchat-like apps range from $10000 – $150000.


Netflix is one most popular video streaming app globally, which is entertaining more than 260 million subscribers. It allows the users to stream movies and series at their convenient schedules. The average cost range to build an app like Netflic is $25000 – $250000.


Zomato is another on-demand industry app, which is categorized under an online food delivery application. This is a very prominent app development idea having full potential to break through the market competition. The basic cost might range between $10000 – $150000, rest depending upon the requirement.

How Can We Save on Mobile App Development Cost?

We understand that investing on mobile app development is going to be heavy on budget due to the advancements. Still, there are several ways to reduce the mobile app development cost. Hereby, you will have a little closure on some aspects, from where the cost can be saved on the cost of mobile app development; such as:

Give Attention to Features

When you are planning to develop an application, it is important you must pay attention to the features and choose ones wisely which draws attention to the app from the market. It is beneficial to have an MVP of the application, which helps choosing right niche-oriented features to implement.

Be Careful with Quality Assurance

You need to know that mobile app development has to be free from bugs and errors to let users have an interactive interface. It is vital to maintain the quality of applications, which grab attention from the market and engage the users. Quality assurance also assures us to retain users for a longer period.

Plan for Future

You must build an app, which has a futuristic approach. Create applications integrating some advanced technologies. It would be advisable to not experiment with extra technologies. Find out the right one that matches your business purpose and implement that to sustain users for a long time being.

In-House or Outsourcing

Do you want to hire in house or outsource the project? Both the ways charge differently, and also it has some perks and lacks. You need to figure out which should be the right one to choose for. For example: if you need continuous updates and changes in your product, then hiring the in-house development team is a fair choice to make; otherwise vice-versa.

Cross-Platform App Development

Do you need a cross-platform application, or you will build an app for one dedicated platform? Building cross-platform applications will require one code but function over various platforms. That might cost a bit more compared to building an app for one platform, but a cross-platform application has a lot to offer and is accessible to all.

Careful with the Hidden Cost

Do not forget to add the hidden cost incurred in mobile app development; such as: app store fees, software licensing, on-going maintenance, et cetera. Ask from the mobile app development company to tell about all those hidden expenses which will be included during development.

Final Verdict

Mobile app development is an incredible idea to monetize our business more. The digitized applications have covered the whole market across the globe. Building an app is not a loss until and unless you develop something really useful and engaging to the market and end-users needs.

Before the development begins, it’s imperative to have an estimated mobile app development cost estimations. The idea for cost incurred will help having an idea of how much it cost and how much you can invest lastly.

Having the estimation will also help you shortlist the required necessary features and other aspects to include in the mobile app development. Once the idea is finalized, it is wise to contact app development companies for more precise cost estimations.

Hope this blog has helped you enough. For more detailing, consult with the mobile app developers of Helpful Insight. Our company won’t fail you; instead we will acknowledge the need and deeply analyze the requirement to share competitive cost with quality assurance in development.

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