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Project Overview

Empowering MTGA Players: 

MTGA Codes isn’t a typical online store. It’s the brainchild of dedicated Magic: the Gathering Arena (MTGA) enthusiasts who felt the frustration of navigating the complex and limiting world of MTGA code acquisition. Determined to revolutionize this process, embarked on a mission to create a solution that puts players first.


The MTGA Codes Vision: Simplifying In-Game Progression

The goal is clear: offering MTGA players a seamless and intuitive platform for enhancing their in-game journey. With a relentless focus on user satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to precision, MTGA Codes aims to establish itself as the premier destination for accessing the latest and most dependable MTGA codes.


Effortless Accessibility, Instant Gameplay

MTGA Codes recognize the significance of your time and the excitement of constructing formidable decks. Their primary objective is to provide effortless access to a diverse array of MTGA codes, ensuring you can swiftly obtain the resources you require and dive right back into the gameplay. With their steadfast dedication to delivering trustworthy codes, MTGA Codes endeavors to elevate your MTGA experience, making it as smooth and gratifying as possible.

Goals & Achievements

Goal & Achievement

Efficient Code Redemption:
Develop an intuitive platform enabling players to effortlessly browse, search, and redeem MTGA codes with minimal clicks.
Achievement: Implemented a seamless redemption process with intuitive navigation, significantly reducing code redemption time.

Reliable Code Delivery & Automatic Refunds:
Establish a robust system for verifying and promptly delivering the latest and most dependable MTGA codes.
Achievement: Developed a system ensuring the delivery of arena codes within minutes of purchase, guaranteeing customers receive fully functional codes with every transaction. Additionally, introduced automatic refunds for any faulty or expired codes, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction:
Place utmost importance on customer feedback and proactively implement measures to ensure unparalleled satisfaction, including a money-back guarantee for any encountered issues.
Achievement: Maintained an outstanding 4.8 rating for customer satisfaction on `Trustpilot`, backed by verified reviews. Achieved through dedicated support channels and swift issue resolution, fostering a loyal and satisfied customer base.

Construct a flexible platform capable of accommodating growing demand and expanding product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the player community.
Achievement: Successfully boosted platform capacity to handle a surge in user traffic. Also, diversified platform offerings with gift cards, lottery games, loyalty programs, eBay marketplace, and Coinbase, attract a wider audience and make the MTGA Codes platform even more appealing.

Technology & Tools

Enhance And Pioneer Using Technology Trends

eBay MarketPlace API integration
eBay MarketPlace API integration
Google analytics & tag manager
Google analytics & tag manager
Postmark Mailer
Postmark Mailer
Wizard API Integration
Wizard API Integration
App Features

Elevating Everyday With Our Cutting-Edge App Features


Safe and Secure Deck Sharing

Never Miss a Deal

Effortless Buying Experience

Convenient Wallet

Flexible Refunds

Easy Content Management

Blazing-Fast Performance

Reach a Wider Audience

Data-Driven Decisions

Rewarding Loyalty

Various Games

Gift the Magic

Multiple Payment Options

Trusted Reviews

Automated notifications

Powerful Insights & Advanced Tracking

Web Visuals

Bringing Your Vision to Life in Pixels


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