11 Best Apps like Wizz & Alternatives To Find New BFF

By : Ritesh Jain
March 23, 2024
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In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes, we may be overwhelmed with the idea of lasting friendships and connections. The good news is, however, that technology for social networking has provided us with many advanced solutions, and the first ones on the frontline are social networking apps. As opposed to a plethora of various social networks, Wizz has managed to gain notable success for its distinct method of bringing people together through apps based on their mutual hobbies and preferences. Besides, as we all know, there are frequently new alternatives that come up, each aiming to fulfill a specific market demand.

The below are going to discuss the 11 best free apps like Wizz, and their alternatives in 2024, which can help you to make new friends online. Whatever you need – whether it’s finding someone to have a brainy discussion with, going on an online date, or just extending your social circle, they are at your service providing different platforms to help you forge genuine connections. Be it from niche groups to wide online networking platforms, there will be something that everybody will love in our curated list. Well, let’s come to the point of which app can be suitable for easily making friends in the digital world.

Business of Dating and Friendship Apps Dating App Statistics!

  • The dating app market made $4.94 billion revenue in 2022, $3.1 billion came from Match Group
  • Over 300 million people use dating apps worldwide, with about 20 million paying for premium features
  • Tinder was the most downloaded app in 2022, followed by Bumble
  • Tinder is the most popular dating app in the United States and Europe.

What is the Wizz app?

Tinder Alternative: The Wizz app is a networking platform primarily for social individuals whose aim is to unite people with common hobbies and interests. While the Wizz app is centered on social media, it shifts the focus to real-life interactions through various events and meetups driven by different individual interests and hobbies. Travelers can choose from numerous programs from outdoor activities to cultural programs which are organized for the areas where the target group is settled. This Mobile App Development is simple and the layout is easy to navigate, so users can search and browse for the type of events that resonate most with them. The platform focuses on creating true friendships and much more meaningful connections. Wizz, an app like tinder, presents a fresh view on improving social networking in this tech-driven age, allowing users to enrich their lives with shared experiences by expanding their social network.

Is the Wizz app safe?

The platform is taking several security steps to secure its users’ data, such as employing robust encryption protocols that are used to protect the data and secure communication. Also, the social networking site takes the step of setting up community guidelines and moderation policies to detect issues like harassment, abuse, and indecent behavior. Part of the advantages of social networking sites is that the users have control of their privacy settings where they can adjust their profile visibility and their interactions with others. Wizz, beyond its matching algorithm, includes features like verified profiles and ratings/reviews for the guidance of users in forming a judgment about others that they connect with. Wizz only aims to assure absolute safety – which no application can give. Nevertheless, we strive to make an environment secure where users feel confident to join the community and develop fruitful friendships.

Why You Can’t Use Wizz app?

The overall status of what happened to the Wizz app up till today is still uncertain. Once a unique place where like-minded people meet for similar reasons now there is a lack of information about its future, which might point to the termination of this platform. The probability, however, looms that the app has been altered, i.e., the updates or rebranding processes have taken place on the app, or it has run into trouble that eventually resulted in the app being discontinued. Instead of that, it could have been bought by some other company, or the technology could be adopted or farmed out to a different type of platform. Even though there has been no formal communication and no significant updates about the app deletion of Wizz, details regarding the situation precisely remain vague. For instance, when inquiring about the status of the issue, users are urged to rely on official sources and authentic media platforms to provide them with accurate information.

Best Apps like Wizz for Making New Friends Quickly

Owing to the digital period for dating, nowadays one can make new friendships with ease and that too much more quickly than ever through multiple social networking applications that have been designed to bring together individuals sharing the same interests and passions. However, Wizz is a specific stage allowing you to build friendships based on a shared pastime but there are many self-development ways designed to help you develop a social circle too. Here are 11 of the best apps like Wizz for making new friends quickly:

1. Meetup:

Meetup is a social networking platform available in both iOS and Android apps that brings people together in person, based on their common interests. It is built off events and gatherings that are taking place on the local level. Established in 2002, it permits members to either form or become a part of the establishments which may be based on several interests, pursuits, or causes. Participants can then join groups and attend different events shown by these groups which vary from outdoor activities, and fitness programs to book discussions and professional gatherings. Meetup aims to create “the world where people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds are always able to come together and strengthen their bonds, despite the growing number of digital connections”. While Apps like Meetup caters to millions of people in the USA, UK, and India, it proves to be the fastest way for them to find new places, discover friends, or broaden their network.

Dating App like Meetup

Key features of Meetup Social Networking App are:

  • Starting or joining online groups concerning the desired issue is a unique solution.
  • The presence of smileys, hashtags, and emojis does much in altering the entire sentiment associated with the page, further enhancing its approachability.
  • Messaging other members
  • Fostering real-life connections
  • Various activities and interests guarantee the clustering of multi-cultural spot crowds.
  • Facilitating community interaction
  • Friendly UI/UX Design
  • When hobbies are shared, emotions are linked.
  • More than just a localized impact as a new entity integrated into the social lives of millions of people.

2. Bumble BFF – Best app to make friends:

Bumble BFF is a portion of Bumble that concerns the rest of the dating app where the aim is to make new friends. In 2016, it became well-known among students for providing individuals with the ability to swipe through profiles of potential friends. Both parties would swipe right indicating mutual interest. After matches, users will be able to reach out and set the wheels of friendship in motion. Bumble BFF works much in the same way as the dating section of the app with these women having majority power to initiate the conversation themselves. With its easy-to-use interface and the mantra of putting women at the forefront of the dating process, Bumble BFF provides community building for individuals with a convenient and friendly environment for making lasting friendships and creating a bigger circle of friends.

Dating App like Bumble BFF

Key features of Bumble BFF are:

  • Bumble is designed to find friends and not romance. It helps meet people in a non-romantic setting.
  • Swipe-based matching system
  • Respect and mutual interest created the connection.
  • First and foremost women will start the communication process.
  • User-friendly interface also engaging
  • Responsive communications channel to foster meaningful exchanges.
  • Allows to develop new relationships in a shorter period than in interactions with strangers in public places.
  • Equips users with the ability to take the lead in a friendship friendship

3. Friender:

Friender is a social app that aspires to give support and help citizens find friends due to common interests. People make an account and indicate their hobbies and tastes and once they are given profiles of potential matches, they swipe them. The app’s unique matching allows you to connect with local friends who share your interests and values while focusing on orienting individuals on respect and genuine relationships. By employing a user-oriented interface and focusing attention on purposeful relationships, Friender serves as a helpful tool for those seeking a convenient way to increase their circle of friends and make new ones as well. Debuted long back, student chat rooms have gradually gained economic value for they have brought together like-minded people in an era where making meaningful relationships is hard.

Friender - Online Dating App

Key features of App like Friender are:

  • First of all, the creation of a user profile needs to mention favourite pastimes and interests.
  • Swipe-based matching system
  • This algorithm is notable since it links users with local friendships with people who are highly compatible with them.
  • Highlighting the importance of friendly treatments and building of clicks.
  • Platform of the moment of accelerated social versatility and friendship forging.

4. Nextdoor:

Nextdoor is a social network platform in UK and US that uses the power of hometown communities to build connections among neighbors in coal areas. It was initiated in 2011 and provides the same platform for the creation of profiles, where people can join their neighborhood groups on which they can further engage, communicate, and coordinate events. Next door converges as a virtual ” this week” events board, through which residents post and address local issues, exchange tips about services, and get informed of community matters. The Nextdoor service is designed to support stronger, friendlier neighborhoods that promote people’s well-being, safety, and connectedness. It is, therefore, a worthy tool in today’s digital era to help people connect and share information with their neighbors.

Nextdoor Dating Application

Key features of App like Nextdoor are:

  • The private social networking tool that connects a community and neighbors.
  • Unites individuals of the local community members.
  • The Organization is planning to form neighborhood-specific groups for interaction and communication with the members.
  • Spread knowledge, and advice, and create many events.
  • Have a grip on local matters and stay up to date with the news.
  • Focus on becoming a city with cohesive and safe communities.
  • The User interface is engaging, and the community is well reinforced.

5. Hey!VINA – Apps like Tinder

Tinder for girls: Hey! VINA’s theme is for a social networking platform developed especially for women to meet new, female friends. An exercise in 2016, functions based on the dating apps model and enables people to swipe through the profiles of friends and begin conversations. Individuals craft their pages presenting what makes them unique and what they like, which often leads to making real friendships because of similar interests and values. The function of giving women the freedom to make the first move and its simplicity, Hey! is an app that all young people are fond of. This social app offers an appealing and informal environment that encourages women to embrace novel connections, develop bonds of friendship, and combat loneliness as virtual connections are becoming more prevalent today.

Apps like Tinder

Key features of App like Hey!VINA is:

  • Solely for women to make friends who might be traveling by the same ship.
  • dating App with the aesthetics of swiping right on the person you want.
  • disclose information from which individuals sort what they are into and the kind of person they are.
  • When a woman initiates the communication, it is taken as a hint.
  • Leads people to build more meaningful bonds with the help of engaging activities.
  • Aids women in the building of social networks and dealing with boredom and loneliness problems.

6. Hoop:

Hoop is an online tool that bonds people by building social circles among those who are looking to add platonic friends in their lives. This is a new solution emerging in the market being powered by machine learning and AI algorithms on the back end. It helps users find matches based on compatibility, interest, and values. Apps like Tinder had been harshly criticised for treating people with a lack of respect or engaging in romantic exchanges, but Hoop insisted on polite conversation and eliminated dating exchanges within the platform. Complement the app with an option for users to view other people’s profiles by swiping through matches for self-profile creation. The app takes these encounters to a whole new level as it brings people who have common thoughts and beliefs on the same platform. Hence, many life partners have been formed. It takes into account the user-friendly and interactive interface, which is not difficult to use, that focuses on platonic relations and provides a safe and inclusive platform for people who usually have a restricted social circle and want to discipline their inner selves.

App like Hoop

Key features of the App like Hoop are:

  • AI search tool tries to find the person that qualifies your compatibility results.
  • Builds friend-friendly reinforced walling.
  • Profiles show people’s spiritual, psychological, and behavioral side.
  • Prohibiting flirtation or emotions of this kind.
  • Facilitates respectful interactions
  • Emphasises genuine connections
  • Students can develop their social skills on campus and enlarge friendship groups.

7. Couchsurfing:

Couchsurfing is an internationally established asset that lies between the travelers of the planet and the hosts of this universe who like to see you for free. Launched back in 2004, it gives tourists from all over the world an opportunity to search for the best accommodations offered by 150,000 hosts. Besides, Couchsurfing is the main app for establishing new connections and cultural integration through various events and meetups where visitors and locals can gather. The users determine what makes their profile-their interests, trips they are planning, and welcoming potential guests. The platform reveals trust, safety, and community spirit as key factors of a successful group, for it brings people together regardless of their cultural affiliations. Through the interactivity and cultural exchanges Couchsurfing fosters, it offers an unparalleled travel experience, a perfect fit for all the world’s travelers.


Key features of App like Couchsurfing are:

  • Global platform across the world that joins tourists and host families.
  • With the free stay option in above 200,000 cities, wingspan could be called home.
  • Enhances communication and fosters social links
  • Prospective guests post a message with the details of their trip; a host who then checks the site for a suitable free night may be willing to host them.
  • Stresses out merchants, customers, and community personal feelings of trust, safety, and community building.
  • Hosts travelers and local people, and also organizes events and meetups

8. Skout:

Skout is a global social app developed for networking people across the world. The users of the app use this network to make new friends and relationships. Since 2007, it has been existing to help users find friends, even outside their locality or across the globe. Individuals can just check out profiles, communicate, and send images with their ideal partners. Skout provides different ways to socialize together with the possibility of sending virtual gifts as an option and to encourage users to see who has viewed their profile. Skout offers users a welcoming user interface and a wide range of users, you have a convenient platform to meet people and build relationships whether you are looking for something just for fun or for validation. This app focuses on safety and moderation as the aim is to produce results users are happy with.

App like Skout

Key features of App like Skout are:

  • Social media app for international friendship made specifically for dating.
  • People join communities that are geographically close or are spread all over the world via this technology.
  • Profile creation, chatting, and photo sharing features.
  • Features include an in-app purchase option for virtual gifts and a premium subscription for unlimited profile views.
  • Not only meeting new people but also communicating with them.
  • Emphasizes safety and moderation of the given content.

9. Tagged – Best Hookup Apps:

Tagged, started in 2004, is a social networking site; it makes the process of networking and interacting easy. Initially, the Tagged website enabled people to meet new friends, and socialize through their groups. It has since grown to become a community with diverse interests, where members can connect and play games, and exchange virtual gifts. The site provides users functionality that includes but is not limited to profile creation, chatting, and discussion groups to enable them create new connections. With iOS and Android apps being available, Tagged lets users stay connected and involved yet mobile.

Tagged Best Hookup Apps

Key features of App like Tagged are:

  • Profile review, and messaging provide networking platform.
  • Workshops, group talks and hashtags.
  • Interactive possibilities for selection of games in the area of entertainment.
  • Virtual gifts exchange as a means for recognition and appreciation.
  • iPhone and Android smartphone apps.
  • Flexibility of face to face (F2F) communication.
  • A community of diversity, that promotes a meaningful network of social interactions .

10. QuackQuack – Dating app in India:

QuackQuack is the famous dating app in India and pledged to match the Cupid for those who wishes to find the way out of being alone. Starting in 2010, it is featured to Indian customers looking for an online app for meeting and seeking people. The users are identified by a verification step from the application that is some sort of identity and safety measure. Such people can surf profiles, chat with time-suitable matches and arrange meetings face to face in real life. Up to now, QQ has been created with an easy and understandable interface which has attracted a large number of its users being in India. Thus, it is not only a safe channel to meet a partner of your culture.

Dating app in India

Key features of QuackQuack are:

  • Authentication and safety of users via profile verification.
  • Present day dating is based widely on preferences and affairs.
  • User-friendly interface, straightforward in navigation.
  • Instant chats to make communication with the matches easier.
  • Real-life meeting planning.
  • Huge user-base in pan-India.
  • Comfortable little word or destination to seek romantic partners with the inclusion of cultural features.

11. Tinder – Best dating and friendship app:

Tinder is a unique dating app that lets us share our common interests already through the Tinder engine. It utilises a unique geolocation technology to pair the people who are in geographical proximity with a potential date. Not only long-distance, but even local people can appear as potential matches one may see in one’s usual life which actually open the space for really deep connections. The app’s timeline feature enables users to go back to the list of opened opportunities and initiate conversations with their previous missed connections. Tinder makes the digital to real transition seamlessly giving a unique approach to dating through ensuring safety and discretion of the users as the physical and the online worlds are blurred together to generate random but passionate encounters and real relationships.

Tinder - Best dating and friendship app

Key features of  Apps like Tinder are:

  • Geolocation technology links users who directly intersect in a physical space.
  • In the chat, they display past interactions enabling the users to find it easy to get back to you.
  • Engaging the lost connections by starting the talks with them.
  • Privacy features keep users safe as well as stay discrete.
  • The innovative perspective on dating considers virtual and offline contacts as complementary things.
  • Builds a platform for random meetings and dating. Nowadays, technology facilitates people`s communication in many ways that enhance social connections and reduce loneliness.

To meet people with common interests in a closer circle or just to find new friends quickly, these apps, gifted with various possibilities, will help you do that easily and effortlessly. There’s a wide range to choose from including meetups based on your current events to recommendations based on your algorithm–it’s that easy to find the next best friend.

How Helpful Insight Can Help in Building Websites Like Wizz?

Helpful Insight offers a multifaceted support to assist in constructing websites, Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, Agile Development and Prototyping similar to Wizz. Our team excels in understanding and implementing the intricate features that define such platforms. Through in-depth market analysis and user behavior research, we uncover key insights essential for crafting intuitive and engaging interfaces. Leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, we develop robust backend systems capable of supporting dynamic functionalities like real-time updates, recommendations, and seamless navigation—features synonymous with Wizz’s an app like Tinder.

Our expertise extends to data visualisation, ensuring information is presented clearly and effectively. Furthermore, our collaborative approach ensures clients have a direct hand in shaping their website’s vision, with our team providing guidance and expertise every step of the way. With Helpful Insight as your partner, you gain access to the tools and knowledge necessary to build websites that rival the efficiency and user satisfaction of industry leaders like Wizz.

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