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5 Best Tools for State Management in Front End

Ritesh Jain
Ritesh Jain
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5 Best Tools for State Management in Front End
Before we dive into the topic of state management in frontend, it is important that we first get to know that what is meant by state, and that how does it differ from state management.Consider that you are sitting in a room sipping a cup of coffee, at this point your state can be relaxed, as the actions you are doing seem to signify a state of relaxation. Now, consider that you have with an application, on which you are working, now this application at this given moment can have its state as well. This state could be bugged, optimized, or ideal. The state of an application is about the user, the user interface, the communication that the app is doing with the servers, its ability to navigate through various sections of it, and the feedback that it provides back. In case the application can do what it has to do as its purpose then we can say that the application is in an ideal state. In short, we can say that the state is the representation of the system at a given time.

State management is a framework that manages the state of your application. As your application grows or expands so does its complexity, and therefore it then becomes very important that all the functionalities of the application are managed in an optimized way. When we can achieve maximum utilization of the application by using the minimal resources available we then can say that the state has been managed.

State management in the front end though is no easy task and some specific tools have been designed to make your tasks easier and applications better. So, here are 5 best tools for state management in Frontend:


Redux is a tool that is used for JavaScript applications. Redux enables you to write applications that can work in different environments and can be tested easily. On top of that Redux provides the developers with great developing options like live code editing combined with a time traveler debugger.


MobX is a state management tool that makes work easier by applying transparent functional reactive programming or the TFRP. The benefit of MobX is that it provides Architectural freedom by allowing you to manage your application outside of any UI framework, making your code decoupled and easily testable.


Cerebral is another state management tool for JavaScript applications. The entire code of cerebral has been rewritten to increase contributions. All codes in cerebral are a “monorepo” as all code is cleaned up and commented upon. This makes sure that the testing process becomes a lot easier.


VueX is another state management tool for Vue.js applications. The VueX acts as a centralized store for every component in an application. In this way, the state can only be mutated predictably.


Unistore is another state management tool. It is a 350b centralized state container with functionalities of Preact and React.

State management is not an easy task but is very vital to the performance of the application and its interface with the user. TO make sure that your application can fulfill all the needs of the user as well as functionality end, state management becomes the most necessary process.

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